BNI Trusted Professionals
Meeting Day: Thursday, 7:15 AM
Meeting Location:
Julian Bristo
1900 Main St #104
Sarasota, FL 34236
Member Count: 40
President: Liz Arme
Tel: 9412664003
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Vice President: Gayle Logan
Tel: 941-906-2842
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Secretary / Treasurer: Mick Garza
Tel: 941-751-1920
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Chapter Ambassador: Philip Leber
Tel: 941-343-3908
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Chapter Director Consultant: Randy Coryell
Tel: 941-228-2187
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Chapter Area Director Consultant: Christi Geib
Tel: 248-835-4198
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United States

What are the Core Values of BNI?  Dr. Ivan Misner explains them starting with Givers Gain!

Dr Ivan Misner about Core Values: Givers Gain